'Dr. P. Venugopala Rao - Maitri Award for Excellence Arts and Literature Award 2015'

She went, she sang and she conquered!

Maitri recognizes Meghana, winner of Paadutha Theeyaga 2014 contest

On Sunday 10 August 2014​​​, Maitri has organized an exclusive event to recognize the finalist of Paadutha Theeya​ at Sri Krishna Vilas, Cumming.

Attended by about 80 people including Maitri Members, friends of Pothukuchi Family and several others this event was a 'gift' to Meghana for Telugu Community in Atlanta.

More than 20 people have congratulated Meghana and wished her on winning this title. Narender Reddy, President of HTA, Phani Dokka, singer, writer and a mentor of Meghana, Ravi and Sasikala Penumarti, Sandhya Yellapragada, President of TAMA, Mahesh Pawar, former President of TAMA, Ravi Ponanagi, Jouranilist, Madhav Durbha, Writer, Udaynada Padi, YuppTV and were among those who praised Meghana for her passion for Music. Several young singers presented kirtanas, classical music and film songs.

Narender Reddy presented a HTA Shawl to Meghana, while Viju Chiluveru, Coordinator of Matri presented a Plaque. Aparna Pothukuchi, who is an equally talented singer was also recognized on this occasion.

Parents of Meghana, Hari and Uma Pothukuchi shared their experiences about the entire contest and how Meghana made it to the Finals. Click here to view photographs. See flyer below that was published to promote this event.

Maitri acknowledges Venkat Chennubhotla for providing audio equipment, Sunil Kuturu for taking photographs and Srinivas Durgam for operating the Sound system.

Meet and Greet Dr. Acharya Phaneendra, Poet, writer and Co-Editor of Telugu Magazines - Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dr. Phaneendra shared his poetry and writing with Maitri team on Saturday, July 12. Dr. Phaneendra's writing style demonstrates a uniqueness. He has a wonder voice and is gifted. He has the talent to write about varying subjects - ranging from 'Challenges of Apartment Life' to 'Greatness of Telugu Language'.

Maitri facilitated Dr. Phaneendra and offered help in publishing his upcoming book. Maitri thanks Raghu Govardhana for facilitating this session. Maitri also thanks all attendees for their generous monetary contribution in raising fund for publishing a book mentioned above. Maitri sincerely thanks Dr. Phaneendra for this wonderful session. We look forward to his next visit to US.

Few Words about Dr. Phaneendra:

Dr. Acharya Phaneendra has made indelible mark as a progressive poet and proved his talent in all versions of Telugu Poetry, namely Padyam, Geyam and Vachana kavithvam.

He is Co-Editor of “SAHITI KOUMUDI”, a Quarterly Literary Magazine. Some of his popular poetic works published are :- “Mukunda Satakam”, “Kavita Rasa Gulikalu”, “Padya Prasunalu”, “Vijaya Vikranti”, “Muddu Gumma”, “Vakyam Rasatmakam”, “Moscow Smritulu”, “Varaha Satakam”… etc.

He was awarded Ph.D. (doctorate degree) in Telugu by Osmania University for his research work in ’19th Century Telugu poetry’.

He received several awards and felicitations from both Govt. and other cultural associations. Some of them are .. “Vanamamalai Varadacharya Smaraka Puraskaram”, “Acharya Tirumala Smaraka Puraskaram”, “Siliconandhra Geya kavita Puraskaram” etc.

He also received a title ‘PADYA KALA PRAVINA’ from VLS Literary and Scientific Foundation, Hyderabad and ‘KAVI DIGGAJA’ from Navya Sahitya Mandali, Eluru, West Godavari Dist.

His poems are regularly published in many Literary magazines.

'Maitri' at NATA Convention

In collaboration with 'Maitri' - Club for Seniors Citizens An Interactive Session on 'Preparing for Golden Age' - Tomorrow's Independent and Detached Senior Citizen

Attended by about 50 seniors this event was a genuine and simple interactive session organized without celebrities. Mr. Narender Reddy, a well-known community leader and current President of Hindu Temple of Atlanta, in his welcome note said that 'Maitri' has been doing commendable job for Seniors and he is proud to have associated with the organization during special events. He also said, "We all become seniors and get older. However, living without too many attachments will lead a wonderful golden years of life".

Ashok Teja Suddala, a well-known lyricist and poet said that we become old when that thought comes into our mind. He shared some of his writings specially related to this occasion.

Later Dr. Mangaraju Vanapally, an well-known Orthopedic Surgeon, gave out several tips to Seniors. He stressed on the need to focus on Preventive Healthcare. Dr. Mangaraju explained how 'community living' helps the concept of sharing and caring. In fact a group of friends have though about developing a Seniors Community in Atlanta. He suggested 'Maitri' to pursue the project and take to next level.

Dr. Sreeni Gangasani, a non-senior Cardiologist, gave tips for a healthy heart. He advised regular exercise and healthy diet. Mostly importantly he said, "A healthy mind makes a healthy body". He gave lot of information about free healthcare provided by GAPI Clinic at Global Mall. He came forward to provide free advice to visiting parents and those who do not have insurance.

Dr. Apparao Chaparala, another Doctor stressed the need to stay away from too many attachments after retirement. He said that seniors should start living a life of detachment.

Mr. Mohan Reddy, Dr. Sujatha Reddy and Dr. Tulasi Vanapally also spoke and gave valuable suggestions to the attendees. All seniors were very happy to be a part of this event.

All speakers and other seniors were recognized with plaques and shawls. A trivia was conducted and winners were given out medals.

Mr. Mohan Rao Devu, Co-Chair of NATA Convention Seniors Committee a Senior and a regular Member of Maitri said, "I am proud and honored to be a part of this selfless organization. In this group I enjoy the company of Seniors form different background. It is a great platform for knowledge sharing and keep yourself young".

Viju Chiluveru, Chair of the Committee hosted the event along with Mr. Devu. Mr. Chiluveru thanked the speakers, audience and NATA for facilitating this great event.